problems with the camera if the window is higher than wide (e.g. vertical mobile devices) 2013-04-05
player can't jump during pushing the button 2013-04-17
Pixelbug if you are over a spawner (not all the time) 2013-04-20
New in version 0.3.3
Safari for iOS crashes immediately 2013-04-28
New in version 0.3.2
+ added light switch 2013-04-26
+ updated levels 2013-04-26
New in version 0.3.1
+ updated levels 2013-04-25
New in version 0.3.0
wrong background dimensions 2013-04-25
Opera crashes immediately 2013-04-25
New in version 0.2.5
+ added tips 2013-04-24
+ added foreground layer 2013-04-24
+ updated levels 2013-04-24
New in version 0.2.4
+ added spikes 2013-04-15
+ added dying player animation 2013-04-16
+ added zoom out respawn animation 2013-04-17
glue box animation causes a zoom out 2013-04-17
+ added minimal and maximal respawn zoom out 2013-04-17
New in version 0.2.3
background doesn't move correct in vertical dimensions 2013-04-12
there is no respawn animation, if the player doesn't cling on a glue-box 2013-04-12
New in version 0.2.2
Safari for iOS crashes immediately 2013-04-11
shadow is rendered wrong on player and glue stones 2013-04-11
New in version 0.2.1
+ rewritten the world generator for better performance 2013-04-11
+ added a new level 2013-04-11
+ added automatic shadow generator 2013-04-11
New in version 0.2.0
+ player respawns automaticly by falling in a hole 2013-04-10
+ press T to restart the game (delete all your save points) 2013-04-10
+ added the first 4 levels 2013-04-10
New in version 0.1.16
+ added icon for iOS app (Add to Home Screen) 2013-04-09
problems with scrolling on mobile devices (disabled scrolling) 2013-04-09
+ added fullscreen mode for iOS (Add to Home Screen) 2013-04-09
mobile device buttons lag from time to time 2013-04-09
New in version 0.1.15
+ added buttons for mobile phones and tablets 2013-04-05
+ added real savepoints (start at the last gate on reload) 2013-04-08
+ added automatic level loader for better performance (only 1 level before and 1 after your position is shown) 2013-04-08
New in version 0.1.14
While using Firefox 19, IE 10 and Safari 5.1.7 for Windows Fullscreen will not apear (hitting Return) 2013-03-29
New in version 0.1.13
+ added floor shadows 2013-03-26
+ added buttons 2013-03-27
the right block respawns immediately (no falling down) 2013-03-27
respawn bug after connecting only with the first block on the right (the long one on the floor) 2013-03-27
+ added floor and shadow movements by pushing a button 2013-03-27
New in version 0.1.12
+ added a different layer level for the background (moves slower) 2013-03-26
New in version 0.1.11
+ added save-gate particles 2013-03-25
New in version 0.1.10
problems with camera Y axis and savegates 2013-03-25
New in version 0.1.9
starting a new game causes lagging frames (on pushing shift) 2013-03-22
+ added savepoints (shift executes a respawn, R executes a reload) 2013-03-22
I can't move while fullscreen gaming but I can jump and restart (allow keyboard input in Chrome fullscreen mode) 2013-03-23
New in version 0.1.8
+ added animation by touching a glue-box 2013-03-22
+ added glue-stone delete gates 2013-03-22
New in version 0.1.7
small gaps between the player and the new body part 2013-03-22
New in version 0.1.6
sometimes, a glue-box has the double speed of a normal player 2013-03-21
if you run off a cliff (not jump), you are able to jump in the air 2013-03-21
sometimes, there is a gap between the player and a new body part (glue-box) 2013-03-21
New in version 0.1.5
player is jumping automaticly from time to time by jumping against a corner 2013-03-20
New in version 0.1.4
blocks aren't falling down (gravity isn't set) 2013-03-17
if you touch a glue-box, the new camera center is focused very sudden 2013-03-19
something strange happened by jumping on a glue-box 2013-03-20
New in version 0.1.3
glue-boxes only cling on the player by jumping on them, not by walking left or right 2013-03-16