Find the right framework (11-03-2013)

Yesterday, I've played a lot with different frameworks for the graphic engine. It's very hard to find the right one out of hundreds and each one has its pros and cons. I was greatly impressed by the performance and possibilities of the vector based framework Raphaël. Today I'll create a small test to check if it's the right one for me. In addition, I'm thinking about deleting the Backbone part. Backbone is a great MV* and perfect for huge web applications, but it doesn't support SVG directly. There are good approaches for the support, but the performance level isn't good enough for my use. I'll tell you later about my decision.

I also thought about using Three.js. It's a framework for WebGL and it's really fun, especially the camera part. I've created a tiny test but realized that this isn't the appropriate style for that what I want. I'd like to have some 3D-effects in the game, but the core should stay 2D.

Sorry for this technical post, but there are things you need to think about before you get started. If you wanna stay tuned, please subscribe to my new RSS feed or follow me on Google+.